International Educational Project Humanitarian Regulations: "Face to Face With The World"

I. General

Paragraph 1

The "Face to Face with the World – Talking and Helping" project is a author's educational and humanitarian project conducted since 2012.

The project is aimed at all educational institutions in Poland that are not afraid to establish contacts, conduct online lessons with schools and social institutions from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The design is compatible with the software base. The class with the school coordinator jointly chooses the institution, the school – with which they want to establish friendship. After a private acquaintance of the coordinator of the Polish school and the coordinator of the institution chosen by the school / usually by Messenger / – on-line lessons for children begin, conversations are determined and adjusted by the teacher. The interviews are conducted in English or French / depending on the country/country selected.

Ii. Project objectives

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The aim of the Educational Project is to:

a) Showing how war, poverty or lack of access to education affect children's lives in the world.

(b) Shaping an attitude of social engagement among children and young people,

international friendship with schools and institutions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

(c) Combating racism and xenophobia, raising awareness of the problems and life situation of others, getting to know each other's culture, traditions, making friends, respecting peace and respect for others, learning a foreign language, using the Internet in education. Willingness to help others.

Iii. Project participants

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The project is aimed at educational institutions in Poland: kindergartens, primary schools, gymnasiums and upper secondary schools. Other institutions and institutions that carry out educational activities as well as individuals may also participate in the project. Invitations to participate in the project are sent electronically, together with an application form.

IV Implementation of the project

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  1. Selecting an institution from Asia, Africa or the Middle East – from a list sent by e-mail by the project organizer. Conduct at least 6 conversations online, with children, their teachers, the founders of the institutions.
  2. Direct support for children in need of assistance – the coordinator of the Polish institution is individually agreed with the coordinator of institutions from Asia, Aryka, the Middle East for form, type of support and cooperation.
  3. Cooperation can be concluded indefinitely, coordinators decide for themselves.

V. Rules for participation

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The condition for joining the project is:

(a) Review and accept these draft terms and conditions.

(b) Appointment of a teacher who undertakes to coordinate the project on behalf of the school.

c) Notification of the school as a participant in the project by filling in and signing by a person or persons authorized by the school an application form and sending its scan by e-mail to the following address:

Vi. International Educational and Humanitarian Organization Commitments Face To Face With The World.

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  1. After the project is completed, all schools that will carry out the project will be sent electronically "International Humanitarian and Educational Certificate – School changing the world!" certificate and certificate for the Coordinator of the action and certificate of the institution with which the friendship will be established
  1. Conditions for receiving an international certificate: application form, conducting a minimum of 6 lessons online, sending reports, photo gallery of classes, which the school will take care of.

Vii. Project implementation date

§ 7 The

The project is implemented indefinitely.

Viii. Final provisions

§ 8

(a) Any questions relating to the project shall be addressed to:

b) The information obtained from the project participants through the application form completed by them will be used for information purposes on the basis of the principles laid down – in accordance with the GDPR ( Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data, OJ C 104, 11.12.2018, p. 1). 2018 item 1000 )

c) The organizers reserve the right to publish the names, names, photos and information about the participants of the project, as well as interviews with them and the content of actions carried out on the school premises in the press, on the radio, on the Internet, on television and other publications with the consent of the school, parents and guardians.

(d) Project organiser:

Author and international coordinator of the author's Intercontinental Educational and Humanitarian Project: Face to Face with the World.

Anna Hora Lis Tel. 506987053

Applying for the project and registering the school as a participant in the action means reading the regulations and accepting its terms and conditions

Each notified educational establishment receives electronically:

– detailed description of the project

-details of humanitarian and social institutions awaiting support

– the organizer's agreements with cooperating institutions / Asia, Africa, Middle East /, certificates, patronages.

Patronage over the program Face To Face With The World have – Media Scope Group Alternative – sponsors of our website

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