Tuba Gliwice


Distance adoption is an opportunity to take responsibility for the fate of another person. Anyone can opt for it. There are no barriers, requirements or conditions to meet. All that matters is the good will and the inner need to help others.”



“Participating in the project is the best life lesson

Students in English lessons joined a group of students from Kenya via Skype, honing their English in speech and getting to know the people there and their customs. The project also made Polish students understand what poverty looks like, taught them respect and tolerance. Thanks to the cooperation, numerous acquaintances have been established (students correspond with each other in English).”


Chikdren like Sikesian

“Mrs. Ania devotes almost all her time to the implementation of this project and is proud to observe how it develops. First of all, it brings irreplaceable help to children in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. “


How do I get started?

The class together with the coordinating person jointly selects the institution, educational institution with which it wants to establish relations. After the coordinator/coordinator of the Polish school and the coordinator/coordinator of the institution chosen by the school get acquainted, online lessons for children and young people begin. The talks are conducted in English or French – it depends on the country of your choice.”


Kielce TVP

“Already more than 200 kilograms of school supplies, clothes, toys, blankets and cutlery have collected and sent to their peers in Uganda children from the school in Czarnca. The action is part of the international project “Face to Face with the World”, that is, face to face with the world. What is its educational purpose, what polish children learn through participation in this project – explains Magdalena Michałek, head of the school.”


Education Gdynia

“In recent weeks, remote learning has changed the landscape of our education. However, many on-line projects in Gdynia schools have also been carried out before. One of them is “Face to Face with the World”, which engaged students of Primary School No. 31 in Gdynia Ysowa. Together with students from far uganda, they discuss the culture of their countries, perform experiments in physics or make wishes for the holidays. All through remote learning tools.”



Gliwice Online

“Anna Hora Lis is not an ordinary lady from Polish. For four years in Gliwick Primary School Complex No. 11 at ul. Tarnogórska 59 conducts online lessons in which, in addition to the students of the school, their peers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East participate.”


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