Virtual adoption


Our adoption program is not just about money, but about emotional adoption, living contact with children who mostly lost or abandoned their parents in early childhood. These children want contact with an adult who will be interested in them, listen, tell about the world outside the orphanage. They are eagerly waiting for the appointed time, at which the adoptive parents will connect with them. They talk to them about ordinary, everyday things. They talk about their worries and dreams, about the animals they breed, show their notebooks, drawings, songs, ask adoptive parents to tell them about their country.For these little ones, it’s unusual for someone to want to listen to them , because in the countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, children are usually not paid attention. “Mom” is for the most part a foreign concept, known only from fairy tales.

The cost of virtual adoption is 100 PLN per month. Thanks to this, children are provided with three meals a day, education, treatment in case of illness, clothes.


Anyone who is sensitive, open to the world and responsible, because children who have already been abandoned once must not be suspended. When you join the program, you have to be ready to adopt an entire group, that is, 20 or even 40 children. In adoption he knew the basics of English or French, but it does not have to be language proficiency at all. Children from orphanages also speak impeccable English or French, we can all also support google translator.

  1. Because we allow contact with children as well as with their educators – whom you will help
  2. Because you can personally check what happens to your deposit and what it was transferred to!
  3. Because we do not charge commissions!
  4. Because you have a photo report from the life of our wards every day!

If you are interested, simply contact us and express your wish to participate in the virtual adoption program.

Do you have more questions? Write, we will respond as soon as we can.

The kids are still waiting for virtual parents

Nansubuga Jailia

Girls 11 years

Nandase Leeya

Girls 11 years

Nandawula Kirabo

Girls 11 years

Kisakye Faith

Girls 11 years

Nandase Chriostine

Girls 13 years

Kisakye Janet

Girls 10 years

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