Jonas' story and great friendship

I wanted to introduce you to a young man from Rwanda. His name is Jonas and he is someone many people can follow. It is proof that it is enough to want, work hard and not give up when life throws obstacles at us. There were many of them in his short life. After all, he is cheerful, infects with his smile and good aura. Jonas is 24 years old. He is currently an economics student at the Rwandan University in Butare.

His life was not easy. He was born two years after the tragedy in Rwanda in 1994. It was a difficult time for the Rwandans so Jonas did not have the best start of his life. When he was 9 years old, his dad died of AIDS. Together with their three older sisters and younger brother, they stayed only with their mother. Jonas, as the oldest of the boys, suddenly became the head of the family, only 9 years old. Jonas' mother has no education, which is why she mainly worked as a cleaner. It was not enough income to support a family of six. They began to have trouble paying rent, school and other fees. They ate once every two days. Often they went to school hungry because they wanted to change their lives for the better. They wanted to live like others despite their background.

Unfortunately, life had no mercy for them and soon my mother fell ill. She contracted tuberculosis. She was in a very serious condition. She was paralyzed. She couldn't go to work any more. In addition, she is hiv positive. Although she suffered herself, she was glad that her children were healthy. She was strong for them. She struggled despite a severe illness so that her children would not be left alone. Their lives got even more complicated. They were kicked out of school because of a lack of fees. The food was unusual. They had nothing to eat, what to wear. They couldn't learn. Because of a lack of money, the sisters got married. Jonas and his brother stayed with their mother. He took care of her and the house as much as he could, as he had as a child. From a little boy he became a man. He didn't think about going out with his friends, about travel, about new shoes or toys. When children his age dreamed of a new computer he dreamed of going to school. He knew that only this could change his life and his family. He dreamed that his mother would recover so that she would not leave them.

Then fate listened to him. The Trauma project was carried out in Rwanda. Therapists from Europe helped women shake off the genocide that took place in 1994. Jonas' mother then met Kasa. Kasia is a young woman who helps people to regain the spirit of life, joy after the events they had in their lives. With such a mission she went to Rwanda. When Jonas' mother met her, she decided to ask for help. She asked that she allow at least one child to go to school. Kasia met Jonas, saw the potential in him, and agreed to help. It was the day their lives went to another track. This day was the beginning of change. This day gave him a chance to change his life. From that day on, every day is a little better. The dream of education has come true, thanks to which he will be able to change his own life and his family. Despite the other problems, he enjoyed being able to learn. One of his dreams came true. Despite the hunger that still reigned in his house, he went to school. Often exhausted because he ate often only once a week but did not give up, he knew that as he would persevere he would reach his goal.

He and his family formed a small group called AMAHORO BAGS. Mom and her daughters and friends create beautiful handbags from beads. It's their little business, a small way of life. They have been developing for two years. Small steps, despite adversity and difficulties. They are still striving for the goal although it is still a long way off but they are already on the right track. In addition, Jonas makes money as a guide to Rwanda, so if you ever visit Rwanda, use his services. Jonas' life is an example of a day that will change fate someday. One for the better, another unfortunately for the worse. That's life. It's not always colorful. Sometimes clouds come out and it rains, but you have to remember that someday the sun will stop and come out.

Jonas has just driven the clouds out of his life and is now working hard to keep the sun shining. He learns and works as much as possible to make tomorrow better. He doesn't just think about himself, he doesn't think about food for himself. He thinks about his whole family because he knows that when you lose material things, only the family remains. It has the highest value for him.

Most people his age now think about the new car, about travel or fun. Jonas' dream of school came true, now he dreams of building his mom a house. Then he will be fulfilled enough to start his own family.

I watched on youtubee channel "Without Plan" , vlog of travel to Africa. That's where I first saw Jonas. I decided to write to him and buy a few bags to support his family. It was the day our friendship began. Now, after a few months of acquaintance, I can say that it is not only friendship, they are members of our family. During this time, days without conversations can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Even though we are 9860 km away, we feel that we are participating in his life and he is in ours.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the products of AMAHORO BAGS. By purchasing these products, we support Jonas in achieving his goal.

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