Report from Kenya from our Evans Odero.

Evans and his volunteers organize child support and feeding.. now the situation is dire, people, like all over the world, are losing their jobs, their homes.. they have nothing to live for.. in Kenya, no social assistance exists.. Our Evans team collects donations every day, buys food, cooks and delivers meals to children who don't get help.. there are huge queues of hungry ;((( orphanages are overcrowded.. photos speak for themselves ;(( Appeal fo
r help ;(( every support counts here.. without you we will not giv
e advice If you want to support the work of our Evans – contact him..

Help can be given by us /with the note Evans Odero feeding Kenya / If you want to support our actions we will be grateful for the grave – and even longerW
ithout you we can not ;((


Face to Face PKO Inteligo 50102055581111122371000057

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